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Welcome to, a website built up and developed by a cooking lover community on the PURPOSE of bringing you – THE BEGINNERS books with the MOST DELICIOUS RECIPES, LOWEST PRICE, and VALUE GIFTS FOR FREE.

First of all, we want to say congratulations to you because of your right choosing. We are completely sure that you are exactly a lucky person when setting your foot to the wonderful and colorful land.

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We, 22 authors from 22 different countries, but with a common passion for cooking created a cooking map including 22 COLORFUL Lands. With the purpose of creating a colossal cookbook store, each land will represent for a cooking topic written with all the warm heart of the author. So, you totally can find whatever you need in the cooking map.

Each land will have hundreds cookbooks around the topic. Especially, there is a very interesting part in each book that we will let you discover by yourself.

But… It’s not just cooking! Exactly! It is more and more… By all the enthusiasm and passion for cooking, we made the cookbooks that is not only a book including recipes, but also a very colorful and beautiful book to place in your little kitchen as an awesome decoration.

Finally, I really hope that each cookbook will be your best friend in the little kitchen!

Love you all.

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